Employee Engagement in Healthcare

Employee engagement in a healthcare facility is a requirement for success. The working environment, the types of jobs done, and organizational and management factors all affect engagement levels among healthcare employees. Engagement is all about how employees feel about their experiences at work. It is also about how the organization treats them and their emotional... Continue Reading →

Patient Culture and Communication

Every day in different healthcare facilities, nurses care for patients from diverse linguistic and cultural settings. That requires nurses to take care of their patients by seeing them as unique individuals. But at the same time, they must consider the cultural component when offering services. Caregivers should communicate more effectively with patients from all cultures.... Continue Reading →

Recruitment and Retention in Healthcare

It is in the interest of any healthcare organization to recruit and retain the best employees. These are the employees that can offer exceptional patient care and give the organization a competitive edge. Arguably, recruiting and retaining the best nurses is one of the most crucial elements of success. As a hiring manager, your primary... Continue Reading →

Impact of Technology in Nursing

Since its inception, nursing has always been a person-to-person profession. It is probably the only remaining profession that you cannot outsource or replace with technology. Even if you use a technologically advanced thermometer to measure temperature, you will still be there with the patient. Despite that, healthcare facilities have found a way of incorporating it... Continue Reading →

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