Why everyone (not only nurses) should know how to perform CPR.

Why everyone (not only nurses) should know how to perform CPR.


CPR is a life-saving procedure which everybody ought to learn how to perform. Many a time’s people have died from minor problems because no one was around to perform CPR. In order to save more lives, this has to change and people have to be educated on the importance of learning CPR. Every day we are exposed to dangers such as drowning or road accidents. In a world full of uncertainties, it is always best to equip oneself with vital skills such as CPR as you never know when those skills might save someone’s life. It is therefore important for everyone to learn how to perform CPR.

Cardiac arrest is caused by rapid electrical impulses in the heart which makes the heart to stop beating. Having a Heart attack is not the same as having cardiac arrest though it could lead to cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in the United States with up to 350,000 people experiencing cardiac arrest out of hospital. Most patients who suffer from cardiac arrest out of the hospital die due to lack of CPR with survival rates as low as eight percent. The survival chances of cardiac patients depends on the first few minutes in which CPR is performed. Learning CPR may save your loved one’s life as 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home. Using technology is part of the CPR process as currently new and improved equipment has been developed to be used in performing CPR. These equipment are now placed in public places and having skills on how to operate these equipment may come in handy in time of need.

It is very unfortunate that very few people who get cardiac arrest while at home receive help before the professionals arrive as most people around do not know what to do and end up panicking. Out of all victims of cardiac arrest, only 32% of them are given CPR by bystanders. Reports by the American Heart Association indicate that up to 70% of bystanders admit to feeling helpless during a cardiac arrest incident because of lack of skills in CPR. Those that have knowledge on CPR have long forgotten how to perform the procedure correctly. Some reported fear of harming themselves or the victim during the process.

A major concern that keeps people from performing CPR especially bystanders is the misconception that all CPR has to be done via the mouth. That is a false misconception as hands only CPR is an easy option that can be learned very quickly and is equally effective. Attending a CPR class will clear all the questions which most people have regarding CPR.  One more reason why everyone should know CPR is because enrolling in a CPR class will not only equip one with knowledge about CPR, but also make them smarter as they will acquire more knowledge on medical terms that might be useful in saving someone’s life.


I am Dr. Marion Johnson, a Nurse Supervisor, Educator, and A clinician with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (DNP) and a Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) both from Walden University. I have worked as a nurse in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. Presently, I am doing something I love most, which is being an online instructor. In this position, I believe I can learn, educate, create and implement positive input into the nursing field. Besides work, I am also an avid reader of nursing journals and articles that is why I have a passion for reading, learning and sharing on the trending topics in the nursing arena.

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