Helpful Online Platforms for Nursing

Helpful Online Platforms for Nursing


The online network has a lot of supportive long-range interpersonal communication locales for nurses. These social websites are extraordinary for finding new companions and guides who will comprehend and assist you with the issues you have as a nurse. Taking an interest in these platforms is likewise useful in building your professional connections so you can investigate your choices in your nursing career.

Top-Rated Online Social Networking Platforms for Nurses

On the off chance that you are keen on extending your expert connections and networks, consider the accompanying social websites committed for nurses.

  • All Nurses

This is a large base of online network for nurses. The website highlights news, web journals and educational articles about nursing. It additionally incorporates a functioning forum where nurses can talk and get some information about their issues and encounters at work.

  • Mighty Nurse

This website aims at helping and enabling nurses around the globe. The site has a lot of nursing advice, practice exams, instructive headway openings, informative material and support teams. The website’s “Ask a Nurse” program is extraordinary for mentorship of studying nurses.


This site is brimming with assets that are helpful to RNs and nursing understudies. It highlights work vacancies, chances to win CEs, nursing events and the most recent news about the nursing job. The website intends to help nurture in propelling their profession through a system of nursing enrollment specialists and instructors.

  • Healthcare Travelbook

This is committed not exclusively to nurses yet to other medical experts too. The focal point of this online social website is on travelling nurses like radiology professionals, nurses, and therapists among others. The site is likewise full of assets that will enable you to be increasingly mindful about the most recent practices in travel nursing.

  • IANA

This is an online network for nursing scholarly instructors where they can share instructive assets, research and school curriculum. They set up a worldwide system of nursing instructors so individuals can associate with various resources and college based nursing schools. Their social site is critically for nursing training subjects just so individuals can examine distinctive nursing issues among nursing instructors these days.

  • Just Us Nurses

This is an online network of nurses where issues about nursing instruction are talked about by individuals. The discussion is intended to help aspiring understudies nurture by forming a support team from a system of enrolled nurses. Assets for studies are likewise highlighted in the website.

  • Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP)

This is an online association that means to lift up perspective nurses and urge them to up bring their professions. They have numerous assets and open doors for nursing professions. Their forum is controlled by professional nurses where counsel and tips about propelling the nursing practice are discussed among the members.

My Take

Besides getting counsel from your recently discovered nursing associates on the web, remember to have a great time collaborating with many nurses on the web. It’s instructive, engaging and even a ton of fun once you begin becoming more acquainted with individuals in these social sites for nurses.


I am Dr. Marion Johnson, a Nurse Supervisor, Educator, and A clinician with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (DNP) and a Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) both from Walden University. I have worked as a nurse in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. Presently, I am doing something I love most, which is being an online instructor. In this position, I believe I can learn, educate, create and implement positive input into the nursing field. Besides work, I am also an avid reader of nursing journals and articles that is why I have a passion for reading, learning and sharing on the trending topics in the nursing arena.

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