Time Management and Organization for Online Success

Time Management and Organization for Online Success


As an online nursing student, the most valuable skill you can have is effective time management. You need to have time management skills because it will be easier for you to attain your goals. Time is limited. While you may think you have lots of it to study, the question is how good you are at managing it. In simple terms, success in your online studies will involve time management.

In this context, time management is all about scheduling and organizing your time when studying online. Different tools and techniques are available for e-learning nursing students to get more done in less time. The following are some tips that can help you to manage and organize the little time you have when studying for your online nursing degree.

  1. Schedule your coursework

Attending an online nursing course allow you to complete assignments and study at a convenient time for you. But that can also lead to procrastination. To avoid it, consider utilizing and implementing a schedule. Your schedule should include reading, studying, and completing coursework.

  1. Log in to classes daily

The advantage of online classes is that you only need internet access to connect to your course. That means you can always check it anywhere you are. Checking in does not necessarily mean doing every coursework posted by your instructor. It means checking in to stay current. When you turn your e-learning classes into a daily activity, everything becomes less overwhelming. Furthermore, it prevents you from getting caught unaware by things like syllabus changes.

  1. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking reduces your productivity. If you have several assignments, focus on one at a time. Also, consider working on the most current task. That may be reading a textbook, studying for your nursing exam, communicating with your instructor, or interacting with your peers in a forum. You can avoid multitasking by arranging your tasks or assignments in order of importance. For online learning success, concentrate on the work that you want to do now and avoid doing what is too far-off.

  1. Make the nursing program your priority

One thing with online nursing programs is that they can be very demanding. Throughout the course, make it your priority. You should complete your assignment, do group discussions, and read what you have learned. If you cannot achieve that, refer the course to another date when you can fully devote your time to it.

  1. Give yourself some incentives

One management and organization tip for an online nursing student is to give yourself an incentive for completing an assignment or a module within your set period. Incentives motivate you to work on another task again. But if you do not work on any coursework, do not reward yourself.


The importance of time management when studying online is it helps you to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Also, it makes you feel less stressed and increases your opportunities for advancement. Manage your time by scheduling your coursework, managing disruptions, and looking ahead to know what you will be doing next.


I am Dr. Marion Johnson, a Nurse Supervisor, Educator, and A clinician with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (DNP) and a Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) both from Walden University. I have worked as a nurse in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. Presently, I am doing something I love most, which is being an online instructor. In this position, I believe I can learn, educate, create and implement positive input into the nursing field. Besides work, I am also an avid reader of nursing journals and articles that is why I have a passion for reading, learning and sharing on the trending topics in the nursing arena.

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