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Becoming a nurse requires a specific level of training and education. But beginning a career as a Registered Nurse does not mean spending many years of college or going through an extensive residency. The standard nursing education at college level takes at least two years. You can start your career with an associate’s degree and get the necessary certification that will allow you to enter the medical field. The advantage today is that many high school nursing programs offered by different institutions meet all the standards and demands of quality nursing education.

The USA has a high demand for qualified nurses to offer various services, including bedside care, advocacy, leadership, and education. Since patient numbers are growing and the population is aging, intelligent, and compassionate RNs have a chance of making a difference. As a high school student, the first step for you is to get into nursing school after high school and earn an associate degree to prepare you to become a registered nurse.

Is it possible to get a nursing degree online?

The growing demand for qualified nurses in the USA has resulted in a significant increase in enrolment for online nursing programs. While it is possible to get a nursing degree online, a majority of the online studies are theoretical rather than practical. Nursing programs include both clinical experience and classroom instruction. Since nursing is a hands-on professional field, it requires you to gain active knowledge, ask questions about real-life scenarios, and relate with patients and other nurses. That means, in addition to getting your education online, you will have to gain some practical level of experience to allow you to work with patients directly.

What high school courses do you need to become a nurse?

As a high school student, you can prepare yourself early to become a nurse by enrolling in Science and Mathematics courses. Ensure you pass in subjects like English, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Statistics. It may also be a requirement in your area to take on a pre-nursing examination to test you in various Science, Math, and English areas.

Best online high school nursing programs

The following is a list of some of the best online high school nursing classes and summer camps.  

1. Georgia Military College Pre-Nursing Program

Georgia Military College offers an online pre-nursing program to give students a liberal arts course to study the foundational coursework credits. It is one of the best high school nursing programs that are a pre-requisite for learners to get admissions to other nursing degree programs. The course duration is four semesters, and one must complete it to get a better chance of enrolling for other nursing degree programs.

Throughout the course, students will learn how to relate the relationships and functions among a human’s organ system and demonstrate practical knowledge of the human system. The program is beneficial because it will allow students to characterize pathogen interactions and apply what they know to the accurate use of antibiotic or chemotherapeutic treatments.

The requirements for joining the program include:

  • A high school diploma
  • Academic transcripts

Georgia Military College gives students the option of either finishing the pre-nursing program through asynchronous online coursework or via blended training.

South College Nashville Associate of Science in Health Science (Pre-Nursing)

South College Nashville provides the program as a foundational course for advanced degrees like Bachelor of Science in Nursing. As an innovative and developmental option, it is for high school graduates that wish to enroll for a nursing course at the college level, but their grades are below the minimum entry requirements. Learners will take several general education courses that will prepare them for the high demand nursing profession. They will also develop technical knowledge in the subjects of chemistry, nutrition, physiology, and anatomy, among others.

As a student, you must provide:

  • Your high school transcripts
  • Submit an online application
  • Pay $50 application fee
  • A 2.5 cumulative high school GPA

The institution operates on a quarter system. Its terms begin in January, April, June, and September/October.

Marian University Online Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Marian University has nursing prerequisite courses that are perfect for students that want to complete the classes needed to join a nursing school. The institution provides various science courses, including microbiology, physiology, anatomy, human growth and development, chemistry, and abnormal psychology, among others. All classes are available online through an accelerated format.

Throughout the course, students will engage in interactive exercises to help their learning and strengthen their critical thinking skills. The admission requirements include:

  • Education transcripts
  • Submission of an online application
  • A high school GPA of 2.30

The program classes are available year-round. After getting an admission, a student will start their coursework immediately.

4. University of Washington School of Nursing Symposium

University of Washington School of Nursing will be holding an online Nurse Symposium instead of the traditional on-campus Nurse Camp. It is one of the best free nursing summer programs for high school students interested in learning more about the field of nursing and the pathways to joining a nursing school. The symposium will be a week-long event provided for free by the institution.

Students will learn about infection control and the proper techniques used to wash hands. Also, they will get free knowledge of how to take patient vitals and blood pressure, how to prepare for university, and getting into a nursing school. The requirements for the symposium include:

  • One must be a high school student entering their junior and senior year
  • A student must be sixteen years of age
  • Submission of an application form downloadable from the institution’s website

Since the symposium will be online, a student does not have to submit any transcripts or recommendation letters.

5. Liberty University Online Nursing Program

Liberty University offers the best online nursing program for all students. Here, students learn everything about nursing. That includes an introduction to nursing education, process, roles of RNs, and the legal, historical, social, political, and ethical aspects of the profession. Students also learn nursing theory and advanced practice where they get to differentiate between the various levels of theory in nursing and their relevance to real-life practice. 

For students that want to apply, they must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Confirmation of a high school certificate
  • Completion of an online High School and GED self-certification form

Liberty University is the best online university for high school students that want to get knowledge on how to blend the art of caring with the sophistication of science and research. It also ensures learners get a holistic approach to the field of nursing. You can apply online and submit the necessary forms and transcripts.


Many universities and colleges offer free online nursing classes for high school students that want to become future nurses. Some also have summer camps that give participants a glimpse of the roles of nurses, including both theoretical and practical work. You can apply for these programs online to get firsthand knowledge of the nursing profession.


I am Dr. Marion Johnson, a Nurse Supervisor, Educator, and A clinician with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (DNP) and a Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) both from Walden University. I have worked as a nurse in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. Presently, I am doing something I love most, which is being an online instructor. In this position, I believe I can learn, educate, create and implement positive input into the nursing field. Besides work, I am also an avid reader of nursing journals and articles that is why I have a passion for reading, learning and sharing on the trending topics in the nursing arena.

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